Women’s Stories from Laramba

Celebrated singers and dancers the Laramba women share their stories of hunting of ceremony and of moving across the country. Their rich and detailed knowledge of their environment — the plants animals water sources and bush medicines — is told in Western Anmatyerr and English.

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These stories are a testament to the rick and detailed knowledge the Laramba women have of their environment – the plants and animals, waterholes, and bush medicines.  These women grew up in the time of transition when the whitefella and the pastoral industry brought sweeping changes to their traditional lifestyle and country.  They women vividly recount stories of the olden times – of hunting, of ceremony, and of moving across the country – before the advent of motor vehicles, whitefella tools and permanent shelters.  Most of the storytellers were born during the early 1920s, although several younger women also share their stories.  Renowned singers and dancers, the Laramba women are committed to the preservation and enrichment of all aspects of traditional culture.  The stories are told in Western Anmatyerr and English and an extensive wordlist is also included.  Along with narratives, beautiful line illustrations of plants, animals and implements highlight the importance of Law, land and culture.