Punu 3rd Ed

Punu (meaning plants) provides detailed descriptions and illustrations of important plant species that Yankunytjatjara people have used for thousands of years to make food medicine utensils and weapons. This book is of great value to anyone interested in the practical uses Aboriginal people make of their environment.

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‘Punu’ is a Yankunytjatjara word which means not only plants of all kinds, but also the things that can be made or derived from them: punu includes everything from trees, vines, grasses and fungi to food, medicine, tools, weapons and ornaments.  In this book, elders of the Mimili community in the Everard Ranges present plants that grow on their country and tell how they have been used to provide the necessities of traditional life.  The Yankunytjatjara text is accompained by translation into English and detailed botanical drawings.  Since its first appearance in 1985, Punu has acquainted thousands of readers with practical insights of the Yankunytjatjara people into the Central Australian environment.  This third edition has been completely redesigned and will appeal even more strongly to those aware of the value of traditional knowledge and natural heritage.