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      The Town Grew Up Dancing

      AUD$ 59.95

      This is a powerful and fascinating story of recent Indigenous history in Australia. Wenten Rubuntja is an Arrernte man who has made a major contribution to the art and politics of his time. Highly respected for the depth and breadth of his traditional contemporary worlds.

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      The Versatile Man (Don Ross)

      AUD$ 24.95

      The Life and Times of Don Ross Kaytetye Stockman

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      This Country Anytime Anywhere

      AUD$ 19.95

      A contemporary collection that features works by emerging writers as well as many winners of Northern Territory literary awards, including Marie Munkara, winner of the 2008 David Unaipon Award for Every Secret Thing (also judged the 2010 Northern Territory Book of the Year Award).

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      Too Flash

      AUD$ 17.95

      It’s not a racial issue — or is it? ‘. . . rich in lively well-developed characters and strong female role models. . . tackles important and realistic issues with empathy good humour and a refreshing absence of political correctness.’ Ruth Starke Australian Book Review.

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      Unte Nthenharenye? (Where do you come from?)

      AUD$ 15.00

      An Arrernte Curriculum Project which features a book and audio cassette of eight contemporary Arrernte songs. A fun songbook for children and helpful for those learning Arrernte.

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      Untreated: Poems by Black Writers

      AUD$ 16.95

      This anthology of poetry brings together all the big names in Aboriginal writing and features a wide array of styles and topics.

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      Warlpiri Picture Dictionary

      AUD$ 29.95

      The Warlpiri Picture Dictionary is part of an innovative series of illustrated Aboriginal language dictionaries. This picture dictionary is a valuable resource for school children and their teachers, for Warlpiri speakers wanting to learning Warlpiri literacy, and for anyone wanting to learn about the Warlpiri language of Central Australia.

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      Warlpiri Women's Voices

      AUD$ 21.95

      Warlpiri karnta karnta-kurlangu yimi Our lives our history Stories collected by Georgina Napangardi Janet Nakamarra Long and edited by Petronella Vaarzon-Morel In Warlpiri Women’s Voices Aboriginal women tell the stories of their lives and history on the Lander River in Central Australia.

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      AUD$ 22.95

      A story of loss and redemption, Watershed is a iconic novel of contemporary Australian life that is told with captivating blend of poignancy and sardonic humour.

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      Women's Stories from Laramba

      AUD$ 19.95

      Celebrated singers and dancers the Laramba women share their stories of hunting of ceremony and of moving across the country. Their rich and detailed knowledge of their environment — the plants animals water sources and bush medicines — is told in Western Anmatyerr and English.

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      AUD$ 19.95

      Yami Lester Strong simple and good humoured Yami’s story is essential reading for anyone interested in Aboriginal history — or willing to be inspired by a unique and courageous life