Kaytetye to English Dictionary

The Kaytetye to English dictionary is ideal for both beginners and advanced speakers of Kaytetye, for translators, and for anyone interested in learning more about Aboriginal languages and culture.

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Compiled by Myf Turpin

Kaytetye is an Aboriginal language from Central Australia. As well as a means of communication, the language
is a storehouse of cultural and kinship knowledge, of ancestor stories and history. This landmark publication
is the first comprehensive dictionary of the Kaytetye language; it is the result of many years’ work by linguists
working closely with native speakers.
The dictionary contains:
● the most extensive list of Kaytetye words and their meanings yet published
● more than 8,000 Kaytetye example sentences illustrating their use
● an extensive English finder list to enable Kaytetye words to be found quickly
● an introduction to the Kaytetye kinship system
● information about Kaytetye culture and beliefs
● extensive information about the flora and fauna found in Kaytetye country
● a map of Kaytetye country
● a guide to spelling and pronunciation
The Kaytetye to English Dictionary is an ideal resource both for beginners and advanced speakers, for translators
and linguists, and for anyone interested in learning about the languages and culture of Aboriginal Australia.