Kaytetye Country

An Aboriginal history of the Barrow Creek area compiled and edited by Grace Koch and translations by Harold Koch.

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Long ago, in the Dreamtime, Arelpe the Moon Man and Thangkenharenge the Bird Women created Kaytetye (pronounced kay-ditch) Country – a land of dry spinifex plains, low rocky outcrops and flat-topped hills.  Kaytetye Country brings together for the first time the stories of the Kaytetye people of Central Australia.  They tell the stories of their ancestors, of the coming of the white men bringing the Overland Telegraph Line, and the conflicts for land and resources which followed.  They tell their own stories, from the days of travelling and living in the bush to the present day, living and working white people.  These stories of good times and hard times help define a new history of Australia.  They are told with humour and honesty by the Kaytetye themselves, the people who belong to Kaytetye Country.