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      A Learner's Guide to Warumungu


      Warumungu the language spoken in and around Tennant Creek has lent its name (in other spellings) to a suburb of Canberra and a battleship.

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      Aboriginal Ex-servicemen of Central Australia


      • Honour roll of all Aboriginal people from Central Australia who have served in the armed services • Eight testimonies from Central Australian ex-servicemen • World War II in pictures • Vietnam campaign in pictures.

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      Aboriginal Languages of Central Australia


      • four full-colour maps that show the main languages and dialects spoken in different parts of Central Australia and how they relate to each other. • a list of Aboriginal communities and their locations • commonly used in alternative community names • a guide to the pronunciation of each language name • the number of speakers of each language and a guide to which languages are in daily use.

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      Bushfires and Bushtucker


      This is the most comprehensive survey ever published of desert plant uses. Pitjantjatjara, Warlpiri, Arrernte, Pintupi and many other Central Australian Aboriginal peoples have shared their knowledge with lifelong Centralian Peter Latz to produce this lively and accessible book.

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      Forever Arising From and With Country Poster


      Land, kinship and people hold country together. Kinship connects everything together, kinship is the roots and veins of land and life. Language is the custodian and soul of the land. Language identifies who you are, what we do. Elders hold sacredness of the land. This is true for every Aboriginal community.

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      Gathering Sticks - Lighting up small fires


      Margaret Heffernan's desire, in telling this story has been to pass on to her children and future generations of her family, the story of her life, a life in transition from traditional culture to a very different world that is still unfolding. "I belong here and thankful for everything in my life"

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      Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara to English Dictionary, Revised Second Edition, Updated


      The new 316-page Revised Second Edition, compiled by Cliff Goddard and now Updated by Rebecca Defina, includes more entries in a compact 17x24cm size you can easily hold. It corrects errors in spelling, definitions and example sentences, to improve consistency. This is a dictionary for language learners, translators and educators that sets out the range of meanings that a word may have, and provides examples of uses with grammatical and cultural information.

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      Warumungu Picture Dictionary


      The Warumungu Picture Dictionary is part of an innovative series of illustrated Aboriginal language dictionaries. This picture dictionary is a valuable resource for school children and their teachers, for Warumungu speakers wanting to learn Warumungu literacy, and for anyone wanting to learn about the Warumungu language of Central Australia.

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      Western Arranta Picture Dictionary


      The Western Arrarnta language, is spoken every day by about 1500 people in Central Australia. Most speakers live west of Alice Springs. Western Arrarnta -speaking communities include Ntaria (Hermannsberg), Gilbert Springs, Kulpitarra, Ipolera, Undarana, Wallace Rockhole, Red Sand Hill, and Ilmanta (Running Water).

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      Yothu Yindi Mari Guthurra - Grandmother, Mother and Grandchild


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      Yothu Yindi Mari Guthurra is an example of both world working together and Communities such as Milingimbi need each other. This is because amidst it all and from the words of Ganygulpa Dhurrakay…"it starts from the head and the heart for us, it is the voice of women the bearers of men, women and children who are calling for a return to tradition and cultural connection points to help improve health.."