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      Blind Moses: Aranda man of high degree and Christian evangelist

      AUD$ 34.95

      This is the story of Moses Tjalkabota, an Aranda man and the first Aboriginal pastor of Central Australia. It is based on Moses' autobiography, and written by Peter Latz who grew up with Moses, speaks Aranda, and provides the context to help build greater love and understanding.

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      Forever Arising From and With Country Poster

      AUD$ 9.95

      Land, kinship and people hold country together. Kinship connects everything together, kinship is the roots and veins of land and life. Language is the custodian and soul of the land. Language identifies who you are, what we do. Elders hold sacredness of the land. This is true for every Aboriginal community.

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      Warlpiri Picture Dictionary

      AUD$ 29.95

      The Warlpiri Picture Dictionary is part of an innovative series of illustrated Aboriginal language dictionaries. This picture dictionary is a valuable resource for school children and their teachers, for Warlpiri speakers wanting to learning Warlpiri literacy, and for anyone wanting to learn about the Warlpiri language of Central Australia.