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      2017 Angkitja Calendar

      AUD$ 24.95

      The world's most beautiful calendar! Our Angkitja (Nng-ket-cha) Calendar presents twelve of the most outstanding contemporary central Australian Aboriginal artworks with their stories. it also includes a Central Arrernte seasonal calendar, Australian and International holidays, and days of the week in English, French and German.

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      2017 Angkitja Hardcover Diary

      AUD$ 29.95

      The famous Jukurrpa ((joo'-kur-pa) now Angkitja (Nng-ket-cha) Diary. Since 1997 IAD Press has presented the cutting-ege in central Australian Aboriginal art, in a high-quality format that will uplift you throughout the year! 320 pages and 26 full-colour plates, with day and year-at-a-glance, with maps of Aboriginal language groups and art centres.

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      2017 Angkitja Softcover Diary

      AUD$ 26.95

      Angkitja- Pronounced Nng-ket-cha - is the Eastern, Central and Western Arrernte word for "keeping information safe for the future".