Bush Food and Medicine

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      Anmatyerr Plant Stories


      In their own words accompanied by English translations the Anmatyerr women of Laramba (Napperby) near Alice Springs describe their traditions of plant use. This lavish book provides fascinating insights into the relationship between Aboriginal women and their country and its numerous species of plants and flora. Includes full-colour photographs of the plants; details of silk paintings of plants by the Laramba women; two alphabetical listings of plant names: Anmatyerr

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      Bushfires and Bushtucker


      This is the most comprehensive survey ever published of desert plant uses. Pitjantjatjara, Warlpiri, Arrernte, Pintupi and many other Central Australian Aboriginal peoples have shared their knowledge with lifelong Centralian Peter Latz to produce this lively and accessible book.

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      Living on Medicine


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      On the Machine


      This is a collection of stories and experiences from Aboriginal people who know about kidney disease: patients their families and communities and health workers. For Aboriginal renal patients and community members this book will be a starting point for discussion. For others it will be a revelation.