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      Billy Benn


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      I look back with my spirit and see the land before man Billy Benn Perrurle

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      Iwenhe Tyerrtye


      Margaret Kemarre Turner OAM is a proud mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. These responsible relationships are her primary motivation to document for younger Aboriginal people, alongside her student and alere Barry McDonald Perrurle, her cultured understanding of the deep intertwining roots that hold all Australian Aboriginal people:

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      Listen Deeply, Let These Stories In


      Listen deeply, let these stories in is a jewel. Resplendent, moving, and fascinating, it is a perfect beginner's guide to Arrernte art and culture and a cultural document of unusual breadth at the same time, whether your interest lies in art, history, or linguistics. It is a delight to come across a book that offers you so many reasons to take it home with you, and promises so many varied hours of enjoyment. Will Owen - Review

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      Lives of the Papunya Tula Artists


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      A modern classic! This one-of-a-kind reference presents the history of Australia’s world-renowned Western Desert art movement through 220 meticulously-researched biographies of the artists who founded it. It is essential for collectors of Aboriginal art, and for all interested in the roots of Australian art, culture and creativity.

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      The Town Grew Up Dancing


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      This is a powerful and fascinating story of recent Indigenous history in Australia. Wenten Rubuntja is an Arrernte man who has made a major contribution to the art and politics of his time. Highly respected for the depth and breadth of his traditional contemporary worlds.