2018 Angkitja Calendar

The world's most beautiful calendar! Our Angkitja (Nng-ket-cha) Calendar presents twelve of the most outstanding contemporary central Australian Aboriginal artworks with their stories. it also includes a Central Arrernte seasonal calendar, Australian and International holidays, and days of the week in English, French and German.

RRP: AUD$ 24.95 (inc GST)

Our Famous Angkitja Calendar


  • The ‘wheel’ of Central Arrernte Seasons with descriptions in Arrernte and English
  • Locations of Aboriginal languages and Art Centres
  • Directory of artworks in the calendar
  • Twelve artworks with the story and artist details
  • Monthly Arrernte seasonal information
  • Days of the week in English, French and German
  • Australian State, National and International Holidays
  • Dates of Full Moon

The Future for Aboriginal people in Central Australia is with our young people. By purchasing one of our Angkitja products you will be assisting IAD Press to produce more language resources.

IAD Press aims to produce quality books of cultural integrity that celebrate more than 50,000 years of stories from the heart of Australia.