2014 Jukurrpa Calendar

Jukurrpa - Pronounced joo-kur-pa (with the 'oo' as in put) - is the Warlpiri spelling of the word which means Dreaming, Story or Law in some Central Australian languages. (it is also spelt Tjukurpa in Pitjantjatjara and Tjukurrpa in Pintupi)

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Our famous Jukurrpa Calendar

Calendar Features
• Months and days of the week referenced in
English and major European languages
• Major international holidays included
• The theme for each page is a portion of the
Central Arrernte Seasons wheel as it relates
to the internationally accepted civil calendar,
the Gregorian calendar.

The Future for Aboriginal people in Central Australia is with our young people. By purchasing one of our Jukurrpa products you will be assisting IAD Press to produce more language resources.

IAD Press aims to produce quality books of cultural integrity that celebrate more than 50,000 years of stories from the heart of Australia.

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