Learning From the Land

‘Aboriginal culture cannot be separated from the land. On the land are stories Aboriginal stories that explain why people rockholes the hills and the trees came to be there. The land is like a book, a book with lots of pages and it’s all a story for the children to learn.’

RRP: AUD$ 10.95 (inc GST)

This land is like a book – full of stories that explain how people, animals, rockholes, the hills and different plants and trees came into being.  Relationship with the land is part of Aboriginal people’s lives, it holds people together and provides for every need.  Culture, language, and the religious system that controls everyday life – all come from the land.  This story is about the boyhood memories of Yami Lester, who grew up plearning about the land from his elders.  Travelling through the country of his birth, Yami shares with us how he was taught Yankunytjatjara culture through childhood games and bedtime stories.

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