Everything Comes from the Land

Land, kinship and people hold country together. Kinship connects everything together, kinship is the roots and veins of land and life. Language is the custodian and soul of the land. Language identifies who you are, what we do. Elders hold sacredness of the land.

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‘What you see on the poster is itelarentye itnekenhe how the old people see the land in their minds and hearts and how they hold title to the land. Anwerne pmere akngarnekarle-werne alpeme — we come from the land and we go back to the land. If the land is changed if the topsoil is destroyed the goodness is still inside still spiritual and sacred and a part of us. Pmere anwernenhe arntirrkweme — the country connects us to everything that’s where we belong. That’s why we want to go back to our own country.

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